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Copy your albums

Book an appointment with Eppik and choose to have your albums digitised in your own home or bring them to a photo studio near you. Whichever you prefer.

Eppik Photographers are freelance professional photographers who have been accredited by Eppik. We promote local talent to help you digitise your family memories. Eppik Photographers will come to your house with their professional camera and lighting equipment and ensure your albums are digitised to the highest possible standard.

Eppik studios are photo studios or shops which have been accredited by Eppik. We promote local studios to help you digitise your family memories. Eppik studios have all the equipment needed to digitise your albums to the highest possible standards.

Store your albums

Once digitised, your album pages and photographs will be uploaded to your secure Eppik account. These images can then be stored safely forever for the enjoyment of friends and family for generations to come. We will store your pictures in high resolution so you can reprint them to the highest quality.

Share your albums

The more you share your family albums and photos the more likely you are to remember their stories! With Eppik you can view them online, share them through social media or print copies so that everyone can have physical copies too! You can also use individual pictures in your albums to create new photo albums.

But that's just the beginning of sharing through Eppik! Register with Eppik to learn more.

About us

Welcome to Eppik! We are a team of software engineers, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs and young parents!

Our goal is to digitise your family albums so you can safeguard your family stories for generations to come.

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