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Welcome to Eppik! We are a team of software engineers, photographers, designers, entrepreneurs and young parents! Our goal is to digitise your family albums so you can safeguard your family stories for generations to come.

Your story matters

When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's I realised that I cared much more about our family photo albums than I had ever thought. I suddenly understood that he holds the key to so many stories in our old albums and that those albums without the stories aren't nearly as valuable. I wanted him to tell us those stories. I also wanted to make sure we could share them as a family and pass them down to our own children. I have 2 brothers and a sister who all have families of their own and we all live far away from our parents. So how could we make this happen? Whilst looking for a way to do this, 3 things became clear to me.

20 years ago we created albums of our family life whereas today we've never taken as many pictures but we probably won't have a record of them in 20 years time. We constantly document our lives yet we will never sort through that mass of information. We're creating digital attics and need help to make sense of all this data.

The legacy of our recorded family history is often stored in old albums and shoeboxes in forgotten cupboards in several relatives' houses. Members of a family see that as their common heritage yet who inherits the family albums? We need to share that heritage securely.

A happy family and good friends is still the most important thing in life to younger generations. It is consistently what matters most to older generations too. Yet sharing memories with our families and friends is often difficult since we don't connect in the same way. We need to find a common platform.

I soon realised I'm not alone in looking for this. Eppik was born.

Alban Mackay,


A talented team

We're building the tools for everyone to tell their story. But none of this could happen without a good team.

A dozen people have worked on this project in the last 2 years. Developers of course but also data scientists, designers, marketers, photographers, hardware engineers, fulfilment partners, entrepreneurs and financial minds. Some great partnerships have been forged and some damned good code has been written. All bring different talents and all have their own stories to tell. The team is based in three main hubs: London, Paris and Brussels.

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Not just pictures. Your story.
Not just pictures. Your story.