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We like old photo albums

We like the way the pictures are laid out on the page, we like the comments written below the pictures, we love the stories they tell and we think you do too. That’s why we want to help you save those albums just the way they are; with their original layout and character, including all those annotations and inserts, and before they fade away. We therefore digitise your full album pages so you can view and share your albums online and reprint copies that look exactly like the original.

But we also want to enhance your albums by allowing you to view each individual picture on screen, zoom into the details, add more information, tell stories and even reprint those pictures in practically any format without losing any of the original image quality. The digital version is therefore much more than just a copy of the original; Eppik offers a unique online experience for your photo albums.


Old album

  • Original page layout
  • Authentic aspect
  • Handwritten notes
  • Meaningful memories
  • But don’t often see them
  • Only one copy
  • Fragile / degradable

Eppik album

  • Original page layout
  • Copy authentic aspect
  • Copy handwritten notes
  • Safeguard memories
  • Share with whole family
  • Reprint copies of albums/photos
  • Stop degradation
  • Zoom into individual images
  • Create new collections
  • View on private network everywhere
  • Add voice recordings
  • Add stories and descriptions
  • Search with face recognition
  • Design new albums
  • Build family trees
  • Frame photographs
  • Shop for gifts

For all this to work, however, the quality of the digitisation must be very high. We have tested practically every option available, from smartphone cameras through to the most expensive professional cameras and scanners and found a unique camera system that delivers exceptional results. This technology is unique in the world, it truly surpasses anything we have seen and is normally reserved for the world’s top museums.

We worked in close partnership with the manufacturer to adapt it for our needs and it is the first time this technology will be made available for personal photo albums. The extraordinary depth of detail of each shot, along with the ability to take the cameras on-site for large collections and their relative ease of use, means we can truly optimise our digitisation service and considerably improve your experience.

Discover our Digitisation System

We have developed fantastic technology to safeguard your family memories for future generations and now we need your help to fund the manufacturing of our first camera systems and launch Eppik. We’re incredibly close and together we can make it happen so please back our campaign generously!

There are many ways in which you can support our Kickstarter campaign, starting by signing up below. You will be able to buy a range of gifts from a framed photograph to the digitisation of albums, and if you have ideas for how we can grow our project please reach out to us! Our Kickstarter campaign will allow you to support us at the level you want and to benefit from special rates and offers at the same time. You will be supporting our ground-breaking work to help families tell their stories. We all have a story to tell.

They already believe in us

Julien Callede
Pictures of my family and all the childhood memories they contain are very special to me. I was so pleased to find Eppik - at last I have a safe and efficient way to save these pictures, access them from anywhere and easily share them.
Julien Callede
Co-Founder of and member of our Advisory Board
Thierry Dillard
Eppik answers a universal need to save and share the documents and photos that make up our family vernacular. Eppik transcends these heirlooms and enables them to be easily shared with the wider family. Eppik is two years ahead of its game!
Thierry Dillard
ex-CEO and FD in large corporates
 and member of our Advisory Board
Not just pictures. Your story.
Not just pictures. Your story.